Trupti Mohta The Brand's story

Trupti Mohta Limited Editions Heirloom is a jewelry brand that has evolved out of a strong sense of inspiration deriving from the various facets of Nature.
From capturing the movement of the flock of birds, to restoring the bloom of a lotus – the brand finds its muse in elements of Nature that reflects on growth, beauty and harmonious balance.

The brand believes that every trinket tells a story. From story of its creation to the hands it’s passed on to, jewelry is an heirloom the value of which always increases with the time it passes on.

The brand very strongly stands for uniqueness in its designs. It enjoys creativity and celebrates the power of imagination. Its design sensibilities are both eclectic and ethereal. A wow element, hidden for you in each trinket.

Exclusive craftsmanship remains crucial and at the core of the brand. Our artisans are known to beautifully amalgamate the traditional techniques with contemporary designs and sensibilities.

At Trupti Mohta, we believe in the saying “Change is the only constant”. We evolve with every new collection; create a fascinating story behind it and promise our customers an exclusive and experiential journey.