Ambrosial Handcrafted Gold Plated Kamarbandh


Ambrosial Handcrafted Gold Plated Kamarbandh

₹ 7,504/- ₹ 9,380/-

An enigmatic handmade Kamarbandh made with finesse and poise. A series of eight lotus fitted over a classic pair of golden chains that could be worn as a high waisted belt or a Kamarbandh

Gold plated, Enamel finish jewelry that is set in brass metal.

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Blooming reveries

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About Us

Trupti Mohta’s design sensibilities are eclectic and ethereal at the same time. 
Being very passionate about her work, Trupti likes to put her personal touch to all elements of procuring, designing, manufacturing and marketing of jewellery. ‘The whole process of creation is very refreshing. The smile on even one of customers face makes it worth it!’ says,Trupti

Hand Crafted

Anti Tarnish

Gold Plated

Light Weight