Pro-Tips on photographing your jewels!

We all love jewelry that sparkles, but have you ever wondered why few jewelry looks extra stunning in advertisements?

Photographing jewelry isn’t as easy as it sounds until the photographer understands and masters the keys to taking great pictures of them—sharpness, lighting, and exposure—and how to adjust them in each situation in order to achieve the best photos possible.

Tips for Photographing Jewelry

To make sure that your social media feed and website updates show the best of your jewel ry in their best angle, here are a few tips that you could put to use:

The following tips will not only teach you how to photograph jewelry, but will also help you understand what makes them look better in pictures.

Clean your jewels

Make sure your products are clean and polished. What may not seem obvious to the naked eye will be revealed once it gets blown up in the highly-detailed images taken by your digital camera.

Use the right equipment

The most important piece of equipment you’ll usually need for jewelry photography is a macro lens. When shooting with a DSLR, compatible macro lenses ensure that you get the most spectacular images beyond life-size, which is why they don’t come cheap.

Keep it simple

Let the jewlery speak its own story. The best way to feature the full glory of a piece of jewelry and make it stand out is to photograph it on its own.

Stabilize your camera

The best way to ensure that your images come out tack-sharp is to use a tripod and preferably a remote shutter release to stabilize your camera. This will ensure your subjects are framed in the same exact way and consistency is maintained.


Focus on the details

The main goal is to highlight the key feature of your jewelry, such as the precious tone or a specific design. So focus, refocus, verify, and lock it.


Choosing the right background is essential

White background for jewellery product shoot is most recommended. This would help to capture the perfect color of your product without jeopardising it.

Perfect lighting leads to perfect shot

Even for jewelry, photographers would advise that you use natural light. However, for more professional result, you’ll want to use off-camera flashes use off-camera flashes to create a more controlled lighting setup.


Creative Styling

There is no limit to creativeness. If you would want to add an extra interest to your shot, you can very much do so! However avoid using too many elements in your frame as it might be distracting for your users.

We hope this is a helpful read and helps you capture the best of your jewels.